The Art of movement after-school program is a mobile dance program that brings dance styles into schools and pre-schools. Using dance in order to make sure students stay active and develop a healthy and balanced life style. Skills like integrity, dedication and positive self-talk will translate into the school classroom in behavior and attitude.

Class format includes hip hop, Breakdance, creative ballet or dance composition. Each class includes warm up and stretch, technique, choreography and games. The fundamental goal of Art of Movement is to give students the tools to succeed in school and in life and inspire them to take steps towards realizing their dreams.





Come learn the latest dance moves by combining fast paced rhythms and movement exercises! We will choreograph routines and work on our memory and coordination, using rhythm games, and have loads of energetic FUN! This dance class provides high quality instruction within self-expression in a non-competitive environment. Wide varieties of music all add to the fun.

We will celebrate our experience with a show on the last day of class!





Come show us how you move and learn some really cool and fun moves! The Breakdance class offer a creative, athletic experience while developing coordination, dance and motor skills, rhythm through movement and cool popular music. No previous dance experience is required. Classes promote fitness and positive self-esteem, as well as building confidence to perform.

We will celebrate our experience with a show on the last day of class!


Creative Ballet




A blend of creative movement and Ballet. Developing coordination and flexibility along with creative expression, musicality, memorisation and confidence. We will celebrate our experience with a show on the last class!               

  • Pre-school class: establishing basic ballet vocabulary, achieved through a playful approach, which is fun and creative using scarves, hoops and more. 
  • Elementary Ballet: continues training of ballet vocabulary by establishing more complex material such as pirouettes, jumps landing on one foot, port de bras and more. 

Dance Composition



A creative dance project which will allow the children to express themselves, and to incorporate their technique into their own dances. We challenge the children through fun, active dance classes, building skill and technique. Nurturing the students' choreographic "voice" and individual artistic expression through composition studies. The children will develop their own choreography and enjoy creating original work. We will perform the dances on our last day of class!