"All my life I have studied dance. Starting as a gymnast, dance was my way to express myself, and enabled me to concentrate better. Dance studies led me to higher discipline, control, taught me to accept criticism and to know my body.  This had been missing in my regular school program. When I look at all the amazing benefits that I got from dance, I realized how important all these things are for everyone: children, adolescents and adults. My aim is to expose my students to the world of dance as well as a life of self-expression and balance.

Lillian Elbaz is an Israeli dance teacher, a dancer, and a STOTT Pilates instructor, with a B.A and teaching certificate (K-12) in Dance-Theatre and a certified instructor in Mat-Plus Stott Pilates from Marchall Eklund Fitness and Pilates in San Diego. Lillian has abundant performance experience on stage. She is proficient in a variety of dance styles including ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance, lyrical dance, Flamenco, Israeli dance and dance improvisation. Lillian teaches students ages 2 to adult and is competent in special education. She truly believes that Movement Heals.